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Connect with Google Search Console to get search keywords#14 

Unfortunately Google does not include the search keywords in the HTTP referrer that Plausible has access to. The only way to access the keywords that people use to your site on Google, is through Google Search Console.

I’ve done about 30 minutes of research on this, but this seems possible to me:

  1. Set up Google Search Console for your website, this will give you access to the keywords that people click on in Google
  2. Get an API key for your Search Console
  3. Give the API key to Plausible so we can fetch the keyword data
  4. This data is integrated to reports on our side.

Bing does include the keywords in the referrer, so we already have the data to show keywords for it. However, a ‘keywords’ report wouldn’t be complete without the biggest search engine, Google.

Uku Taht
21 days ago