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Add annotations to specific dates in the top chart

It would be nice to be able to add notes to specific dates in the top graph to make it easier to identify trends in traffic due to events such as site redesign, change of a domain name, a marketing campaign, SEO changes or similar.

If we can make them nice looking and shareable would be the cherry on top. I like something like this that Tim Bennetto often shares


9 months ago

I came here to add this request. We are making constant changes to our website, so it would be great to be able to annotate on days we have made certain changes. Defo

8 months ago

Agree with that too :)

8 months ago

I was checking in documentation and github issues looking for exactly this same feature. A graphic without annotations won’t let users know much about their strategies.

Now that is possible to compare ranges of dates, I think this could be a great addition to Plausible… it’s the only thing I miss from GA.

8 months ago
Merged Possiblity to add Markers to Analytics#305
6 months ago

Yes please! I just tweeted the same

2 months ago

This would be a great feature to have, I don’t need it to share with the public per se. To me it’s more about why that huge traffic spike/drop appeared, so I don’t keep looking up whether it was that paid ad campaign or a post going viral or the server that broke down. I just can hover the annotation.

4 days ago