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Exclude my visits from being counted by IP address

Currently it’s possible to exclude my own visits from being counted in the stats by using the WordPress plugin, a browser extension or setting a special flag in the browser but would be nice if I could exclude my visits from being counted by IP address too.

2 months ago

Yes, please add ip-adress as an exclusion option - this would be much easier to explain and set up for clients. For WordPress, I test the website with multiple browsers and devices, and do not log in with every one. While I know I could try to exclude every browser manually, excluding the ip-address would be so much easier to maintain.

a month ago

Agreed, but would be nice to either excluded entirely OR, even better, mark in some way (different color) to display but not count in overall stats. This would be helpful for testing using your own traffic to see the results you want to achieve.

19 days ago