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Allow filtering by multiple custom properties

Currently it’s only possible to filter the dashboard by one custom property at a time. It would be great to be able to filter the dashboard by multiple custom properties at once.

9 months ago

We want to be able to filter by a single Custom Property and then access all the custom property data for events that match that single filtered custom property. At the moment, if we filter on one custom property we cannot access all the rich Custom Property data that has been tracked for those events, and this is an issue for our reporting. It would be great if you could enable this (even if filtering on multiple custom properties takes a bit longer) - thank you!

7 months ago

This is a must-have for me. The current Custom Events system is too limited to be useful for my use cases. I need drilldowns from the event type through its properties, and ideally without having to specify every event and property beforehand. On the other hand, I don’t need event properties to be arbitrary key-value pairs, a “category-action-label-value” system like GA offered pre-UA would be perfectly fine.

5 months ago

You can now segment your audience by multiple custom properties. Just keep selecting additional custom properties in your dashboard as you’re filtering.

You can use the filter button on the top right of the dashboard to do the same too. There we’ve also added the “contains” option for even more powerful segmenting.

4 months ago
Changed the status to
4 months ago

This is excellent - thank you Marko and the Plausible team :)

4 months ago

Can this be done via the API as well?

4 months ago

thanks @David.sommer!

hi @Tadeo! sure, filtering by multiple properties is possible in the stats API the same way you would filter by other multiple properties (you can basically chain multiple filters by separating them by ; ). see

4 months ago

Nice update!

Does this also address @David.sommer s other point regarding accessing all the data that is tracked for these custom properties (more than just pageviews and visitors) via the api. This is a big one for us as it’s critical for pulling relevant data for our customers via the api?

4 months ago

Thanks @Sam Hibberd! It’s now possible to click on one custom property and see the related data from other custom properties too. You can then decide whether to filter by an additional property or not.

Your request sounds like something different than this (gaps in our stats api compared to the dashboard) so we’re not tracking that in this thread and there hasn’t been any changes related to that. It’s best to email us about it or start a different thread so we can then keep track of the popularity of that request. Then when there’s any update, we’ll let you know. Thanks!

4 months ago

@Marko Saric When i click on one custom property, it is set as a filter . Now I dont see other property of custom events to select them to filter them .

Same happens when I select Property from Filter top right button & add a key value. After this if i want to add another property filter, when I tap on filter > Property I see the same earlier property. When I change it to new property, it gets replaced.

Note I am talking about Filter of Property, when I use different filter like location, etc, they are added as new filters

But in screenshot, when I want to add new property filter, I can only replace earlier one i.e. is_premium, cannot add new filter

2 months ago