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Open source Plausible#20 


It would be great to open the source code of plausible.

It would give credit to the “privacy” concerns.

I am considering alternatives like Fathom or Matomo because of their openess.

Plus you could accept contributions !

I think it can be viable economically & a really essential move for privacy trust.

a month ago

Yeah I agree with this completely.

Literally the only reason it’s not open-source at the moment is because the analytics code is in the same repo with the authentication, payment handling, admin, etc. functions. I’d rather keep these parts closed source for security reasons.

I’m looking into ways I can separate these parts of the code so the relevant parts (stat collection and presentation) can be open-source while the sensitive parts are closed source.

Uku Taht
a month ago
Changed the status to
Uku Taht
15 days ago