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Filter imported data

Google Analytics import works nicely but would be better if it also becomes possible to filter the imported data like you can filter the native Plausible data such as by a specific page or a specific referral source.

7 months ago

It appears Plausible does keep time-backed information for the data because, for example, I can choose a time period that only contains imported GA data and it will show the breakdown of pages, sources etc just fine.

What I want to do is view data for a timespan which might combine both GA and Plausible-sourced data, and look at the records for top sources or top pages without caring about which analytics tool provided the data. Currently if I drill down I see the “G” icon crossed out with the tooltip: “Stats do not include data imported from Google Analytics”.

6 months ago

Filtering per route/page excludes GA imported data.
Given it is imported and not being queried every time a request is made, it seems odd that the data can’t be included.

a month ago